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Chez Cherie offers cooking classes, corporate Culinary Team Building programs and Private Cooking Parties in the foothills of La Canada, and serves businesses in Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank, and the greater Los Angeles area. Take a cooking class and learn to love food! 
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Cooking Basics: Vegetables & Grains, 4/23 6:30 pm

Fourth in a five-part Wednesday evening series; classes may be taken individually. In the Vegetables and Grains class we will teach different techniques for preparing these foods, and how to complement the flavor of each food with the cooking technique. Couscous, bulgar and rice are some of the grains cooked and tasted in class, and seasonal vegetables will be demonstrated with various cooking methods.


Spring Flavors, 4/29 6:30 pm

After months of wintery foods, the markets are beginning to blossom with spring’s bounty. We will take full advantage of the season’s delicious offerings to create some recipes that will put a Spring in your step---or at least bring Spring to your table! 


Cooking Basics: Baking, 4/30 6:30 pm

Last in our five-part Wednesday evening series; classes may be taken individually.  Baking Basics will touch on principles of sweet and savory baking, including pie crust, basic cakes and more.


Weeknight Meals, 5/6 6:30 pm

Our goal for the weeknight meals classes is to make them do-able in the time it would take you to decide where to get take-out, go get it and unpack it. The dishes are simple but tasty, and we include many suggestions on how to combine the recipes, or "switch them up" to take advantage of last night's leftovers, or tomorrow's sale on shrimp.  Light meal included.


Coffee House, 5/13 6:30 pm

No, we aren’t going to Starbucks! One of my unsung flavor heroes is coffee, and all our dishes will feature this rich, complex component. I’m thinkin’ Pork with Espresso Dry Rub, maybe some Biscuits and Red Eye Gravy? Definitely something mocha—because—MOCHA! I’m getting hungry just writing the class description. This will be fun! Light meal included.


Tapas Party, Hands-On!, 5/20 6:30 pm

On our recent culinary trip, we had a terrific tapas tour in Madrid. Our guide took us from one great spot to another, pairing wines with each of the wonderful treats he ordered. We will recreate some of the flavors and aromas we enjoyed on that tapeo (it's Spanish for "pub crawl"). Tapas are a great entertaining strategy--make a couple, buy a couple,  have your guests assemble a couple! $75.


Season to Taste! 5/27 6:30 pm

A look at what seasoning does for food and which herbs and spices best complement different dishes. Light meal included.


Latin Flavors, 6/3 6:30 pm

The vibrant flavors of the Latin cultures combine with the bounty of the summer garden to make an explosion of color and great tastes. Our menu will sizzle and pop with Cuban, Mexican, and Spanish flair.  Light meal included. Sabrosa!   


Trader Joe's, 6/10 6:30 pm

These have become some of our most popular classes, featuring the best of what Trader Joe’s is currently offering. The recipes change each time, so if you have previously attended a TJ’s class, think about coming back to see what’s new and great in this great place to shop!  Light meal included. 


Island Paradise, Hands-On, 6/17 6:30 pm

This class is a party waiting to happen! Apron up with us and help make Macadamia and Basil Rice, Rum-Glazed Sweet Potatoes and a crazy good Tropical Pork Tenderloin, with Island Bread Pudding for dessert. All you’ll need are the Mai Tais (not provided, but we'll provide the stemware) and the tiki torches. Light meal included. 


Thrill of the Grill, 6/24 6:30 pm

In Southern California, we can grill year-round, but summer still seems to be the season to fire up the coals (or propane) and slap something tasty on the barbie. Come learn some tricks of the trade, and get some new ideas for your BBQ. We will cover the basics, focusing on meat and sides.  Light meal included. 


Thrill of the Grill, 6/25 6:30 pm

In Southern California, we can grill year-round, but summer still seems to be the season to fire up the coals (or propane) and slap something tasty on the barbie. Come learn some tricks of the trade, and get some new ideas for your BBQ. We will cover the basics, focusing on meat and sides.


Saveur Cooks -- American Classics, 7/1 6:30 pm

Special event! Join Chez Cherie and SAVEUR magazine as we traverse the city markets, heartland farms and Southern roadside vendors on a quest for the freshest bounty of our warm weather harvest. This exciting addition to the Saveur Cooks series takes you through the preparation of the beloved American Fare of "meat and potatoes", yet each recipe has a unique twist gleaned from the culinary traditions of our varied cultural heritages. Dishes will include Chilled White Corn Soup, Grilled Sirloin Steak with Green Sauce, Fingerling Potatoes with Bacon, and Raspberry Tart with Lemon Curd.


Fresh Asian Flavors, 7/8 6:30 pm

Pacific Rim flavors are bright and fresh, full of herbs and citrus and soy. This class will explore the techniques that make this food so flavorful and fabulous. Light meal included.


Summer Farmer's Market Finds, 7/15 6:30 pm

Keeping it simple and fresh can be so delicious! My favorite meals around the world are the ones where the ingredients are local, fresh-picked, and prepared with respect. When the cook just lets the ingredients shine, instead of getting in their way--that's what I want to eat! We'll source some local produce and products, and create a great menu that embodies the spirit of summer. Light meal included.


Flavors of the Mediterranean, Hands-On, 7/22 6:30 pm

Even if you aren’t summering on the Cote d’Azur, why not eat as if you were? Help us to create a summery menu with the flavors of that sun-drenched region—thyme, olives, fennel…yum.  Perfect for evenings on the South of France, or Southern Italy, or even Southern CA.  $75.  Light meal included.


Cooking for the Books, 7/29 6:30 pm

I will confess to having a wee bit of a cookbook addiction. Between the fantastic Pasadena Library, Vroman’s and Amazon, I manage to peruse about 100 cookbooks a year. Yeah—that’s a LOT. Come help me justify all that research time. We will demonstrate favorite recipes adapted from the best cookbooks we’ve read lately. Light meal included.


Seasonal Flavors of Summer, 8/5 6:30 pm

Summer boasts an embarrassment of riches in the garden and orchard. The flavors are bold and bright, and it's too hot to be in the kitchen very long, so we'll demonstrate some delicious recipes that make the most of summer's bounty, without keeping you at the stove for hours. We might fire up the grill for some quick and easy outdoor dishes.


Trader Joes, 8/19 6:30 pm

Always a popular favorite, our Trader Joe’s classes focus on what’s new, flavorful and fabulous at our favorite place to shop. We'll give you the inside scoop on how they find their great stuff, and why some of our favorites disappear off the shelves. Then we will make some terrific dishes with great TJ’s products. Light meal included.


Summer Dinner Party, 8/26 6:30 pm

The idea with this class is simple: Wow the guests with flavors of the season, without burning yourself out with the preparation. This menu is both flavorful and do-able. Light meal included. 


Culinary Tour of Turkey, October 11 - 21
Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime culinary tour of Turkey, a country steeped in history and tradition, where east meets west and the ancient bleeds into the modern day.  We will be exploring Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Bodrum on the coast.  Final itinerary details and pricing should be available shortly, so save the dates!

Culinary Tour of Ligurian Riviera (Multiple Dates)

We work with Tastes of Italy to put together our wonderful culinary tours, including our 2012 Culinary Tour of Liguria.  Tastes of Italy is now offering this one week adventure on multiple dates, with prices starting at $2995 per person. While Cherie and Steve will not be on these tour dates, we've been on the tour, and it's wonderful!

Tour start dates: September 28th, October 5th, October 19th, October 26th, November 2nd. 

Brochure with additional details can be found here.


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Unless otherwise indicated, cooking classes are held 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. at Chez Cherie, 1401 Foothill Blvd., La Canada, California.

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Classes are demonstration style unless "hands-on" is indicated. Demonstration classes include recipes, demonstration and a light meal. Hands-on classes and team building events also include direct student participation. Feel free to bring a bottle of wine to any class!

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Because food must be purchased and curriculum prepared in advance, tuition is not refundable. Students who cancel more than 48 hours prior to class may reschedule or receive a class credit. Thank you for your understanding.

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